IARPP Conference 2018 – New York

För relationella terapeuter under utbildning eller de närmaste åren efter examen



Hope and Dread: Therapists and Patients in an Uncertain World

IARPP Conference 2018 – New York

June 14 – June 17 , 2018

Kandidatpanelen (the candidates panel, under ledning av Margaret Mitchell Black) är en del av den internationella föreningen för relationell psykoanalys och psykoterapi (IARPP).

Vid sidan av att ordna årliga sk ”qolloqiua” m.m. bjuder vi in papers och väljer 4 ”candiates” (se definition nedan) som presenterar ett paper på ett specifikt tema på de årliga konferenserna, ett mycket uppskattat event.

I New York 2018 är temat ”Hope and Dread”. Kandidatpanelens vinkel är såklart att fokusera på hur det är att utbildas och etablera sig i rollen som relationell psykoterapeut i en alltmer osäker värld. Den som blir antagen kan räkna med finansiellt stöd från IARPP för att delta i konferensen.



”Hope and Dread: Becoming a Therapist in an Uncertain World”

Announcing a panel sponsored by IARPP’s Candidates Committee for the 15th International Conference in New York City. 

Candidates and early-career psychotherapists are invited to submit proposals for a panel developed by IARPP’s Candidates Committee, to be held as part of the upcoming conference in New York City, June 14-17, 2018. In our continuing effort to encourage broader participation in our conferences by those who have more recently joined our profession, our panel will feature several presenters chosen from all the submissions who are either currently in training or are within five years of completing their training.The panelists’ presentations will be followed by a discussant, a senior analyst yet to be named.


Relational psychoanalysis has encouraged us to embrace uncertainty in the clinical realm. But what happens when uncertainty in the world at large feels more destructive than constructive, or threatens to overwhelm us from without? For this panel, we are looking for papers that offer a clinical perspective on what it’s like to be a candidate in training at a time of such widespread insecurity and accelerating geopolitical, technological, and ecological upheaval.

A note on context: This conference, held in New York City, undoubtedly will engage with and be directly impacted by local politics and the reverberating social and political turmoil in the US. Acknowledging this, we also want to invite a broader, international perspective to the central question this panel poses.

All presentation proposals must be explicated within clinical work and examples.

Information and guidelines for submission:

– This panel is open to candidates and students who are currently in training or those who have graduated within the past five years. All those submitting proposals must be members of IARPP.

– Participants will be chosen from submitted proposals. Proposals should be written in English, no longer than 250 words (approximately one double-spaced page) and should capture something about the author’s clinical work as it relates to our theme.

Proposals should be sent to Hilary Offman (offmanh@rogers.com) and María José Mezzera (mariajosemezzera@gmail.com)

– Those whose proposals are accepted will have until March 1 to develop their finalized presentations, which should be 15 minutes in length and will be written and presented in English.




Erik Fagerberg



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